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BrewDog have stated that their last crowdfunding raise was the last it will do until a Stock Market listing.
But you can still get on board by buying shares from existing investors.:

John & I invested in BrewDog back in their very first crowd funding round in 2009, and are very pleased that it has become one of the fastest growing companies in the UK.
… They also make great beer!

We were Shareholders #89, and there are now over 230,000 investors.

In early 2018 we sold a small number of our own shares to realise cash from some of the growth, and also sold shares on behalf of other early investors.
We have now traded over 120,000 shares with over 750 other investors.

We hold regular sale of shares on behalf of other early investors, and you can find out more from my BrewDog Share Trading website.

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